IDMC in Venice Italy with New Generation Gospel Choir…Friday 19th to Sunday 21st May 2017

After a two hour evening flight, fifteen piece IDMC Gospel choir landed at Marco Polo airport in Venice. Assuming to be picked up by a couple of representatives from New Generation gospel choir…however this was not the case! Once assembled and ready to depart choirmaster John heralded, “ You ready gang, here we go!” the choir were not ready for what was around the corner. To their amazement, in waiting were thirty members of New Generation gospel choir with welcome banners singing and dancing to an African Gospel medley! To be overwhelmed was an understatement! In shock and awe, IDMC that little old choir originating from South London stood there gobsmacked that after twenty three years, they could be welcomed to Italy in such a way as this!! AWESOME! Parked outside was a fifty-three seater coach waiting to take choir members to their respective hosts homes where one was treated like royalty!   Day 2 saw both IDMC and New Generation Gospel Choir come together for a workshop session led by both choir directors. The choirs were preparing the finale songs for the end of the concert. The atmosphere was already amazing, the sound fantastic and the fellowship was lovely. Under the leadership of Federico Fe Fiorentin, New Generation gospel choir have always viewed IDMC as it’s mentor choir and sing a lot of John’s songs in their repertoire, hence the love for everything IDMC, and as a choir in their own right, they have an awesome sound. Later on in the day the choirs moved to an amazing auditorium where the sold out gig was being held. The sound checks went well with the IDMC band, which was MD’d by Andre and included legendary UK gospel bass player Steve Yarde, and one of the UK’s top female keyboardists Sharlene Llewellyn which created an tremendous sound. At opening time, the doors let in a massive sea of people and the venue was flooded real quick. New Generation choir were first to hit the stage and set the foundation for the evening and they were excellent. With a very strong vocal sound and fantastic band, Federico’s vocal was on point and his skill of leading his choir was fantastic. Next to rapturous applause came IDMC. John hadn’t yet got his Italian together, so a slow English speaking voice had to be the order of the day, but honestly speaking, it wasn’t about what John had said, but more about what IDMC would deliver. From the opening song and throughout the set, IDMC were able to translate Gods’ message by delivering passion through their song set. They sang, danced and clapped, and the audience responded in the same way. People were in tears as IDMC worked their way through the passion on ‘Love’ medley, which showed the UK singers that their message was getting through. The finale was off the chain with both choirs coming together to lift the roof. IDMC’s now classic ‘Victorious’ is the much-loved song doing the circuit in Europe. It was an astonishing end to a great show.   The third and final day of the Italy tour saw both choirs on a day out together in the romantic city of Venice. It allowed the team to enjoy a beautiful time, touring the city, having a ride in a gondola and even singing on the roof of a shopping mall! A totally perfect day, although this made the end journey to the airport and the final goodbye so very difficult. The bond that had been built up over such a short time has guaranteed a return trip to Venice in 2018.

MUNICH GERMANY WITH GOSPEL & SOUL Choir Thursday 9th – Sunday 12th February

This four-day excursion began with John and MD and second son Dayna traveling to Munich. Met by our German cousin and John’s namesake Svenja Fischer, the beautiful day was spent in town, where a great meal was enjoyed, and talks about the weekends program (which was looking great) took place. Day 2 saw the crazy gang (yes IDMC lol) join John and Dayna in Munich to get the party started! Upon arrival there was a lovely fellowship meal together with the members of Gospel & Soul choir, after which the guys settled in for a restful night. At the commencement of Day 3, it was time to prepare both choirs and come together for the morning workshops and rehearsals. Svenja spent a long time in the UK studying and joined and became a member of IDMC in 2010 for 18 months where she both toured and recorded. In this time her vision became clear and she established, developed and lead her own choir back in Germany, therefore it came as an honour to share time and passion with a wonderful set of people who really honor and revere IDMC. The venue looked beautiful, a 500-seater church in Parkstadt Munich. The choirs spent the morning going through the finale where they would unite to perform a few of IDMC’s songs. With a good amount of free time, the members of IDMC were taken out into the town by the host choir members and enjoyed visiting sights, a bit of shopping and relaxation. While the team were out production manager Andre Charles worked alongside the technical team to ensure the sound for the night was correct, after all it was yet another sold out show! (wink, wink). The sound checks went well and both choirs went through their paces. There was a moment in IDMC’s preparation where the choir were going through a few songs and John was picking the choir up on some technical points to make the sound even tighter, it was then noticed that the host choir stopped in their tracks to just sit and observe IDMC’s rehearsal. Many of the members of Gospel & Soul were in tears as IDMC sang the ‘Love medley’. You could literally cut the atmosphere with a knife.   Doors opened at 7:00pm and the audience came in, around 45 minutes later every seat was taken and there was just about standing room! Gospel and Soul began the evening with a collection of great gospel covers. The choir is only a few years old, but have a very mature sound already. The IDMC family made a rapid costume change so they could be in full support from the start of Gospel & Soul’s set, and made sure that their new friends knew they were there in support. Without a break, IDMC took to the stage 50 minutes later. The sense of anticipation was very evident. John took the expectant Munich audience on a gospel musical journey, which took them through praise and worship to gospel joy, with dancing, clapping their hands and singing along with the choir. With our host choir singing along with IDMC the vibe was awesome, and then came the finale where both choirs filled the stage. The audience didn’t know what to do with themselves as the choirs lifted the roof with the sound of full high-octane gospel singing – another incredible night.   DAY 4 Sunday morning saw the team at Church of the Ascension in Untergiesing – Harlaching. A beautiful service saw IDMC minister a few of its worship songs for the service and also creating a Pentecostal praise session, but the audience were not allowed to clap The afternoon progressed into IDMC and Gospel & Soul relaxing and enjoying a wonderful meal together including a massive sing-song in the traditional German pub before leaving for the airport. Another remarkable weekend with so many highs, John and the choir were once again overwhelmed by the love demonstrated by a group of strangers where the only thing they had in common was the love of God and gospel music.


John Fisher and The UK Choirfest tour starts its journey in John’s home town of Croydon at the New Life Christian Centre for a massive night of Gospel Music on Friday 15th April

As part of John’s 50th birthday celebrations, this is one of the ways John wanted to celebrate, by sharing the stage with some of the UK’s finest music artists.

The night sees an awesome collection of church ministries all coming together to raise the roof with high praises and great praise and worship songs John and IDMC will be releasing their new live album “WALK WITH ME” which was recorded at the world famous Jazz Cafe London. This project features brand new songs from the pen of John and co-writes from UK music legend Nicky Brown.

Also Joining John and IDMC will be special guest from Norway Jardar Johansen & The Gospel Company who came over last year an wowed the UK audience where ever they went.

The night will be a special celebration of the best of UK gospel music,   Doors open 6:45pm Show Time: 7:30pm Ticket Price: £5

Croydon Flyer 2016


John Fisher and the UK Choirfest tour ends with a massive night of Gospel Music As part of John’s 50th birthday celebrations, this is one of the ways John wanted to celebrate by sharing the stage with some of the UK’s finest music artists. On Sunday 17th April the NTCG Brixton will be the host venue for a massive night of Gospel music. This night is a re-run of a production John put on in 2000 called “A Night of 100 Stars”. This years version will leave the gospel music loving audience breathless as each artist will show why Gospel Music is miles ahead of any other style of music. John and IDMC will be Launching their new live album “WALK WITH ME” on the night, which was recorded at the world famous Jazz Cafe London in 2015. This project features brand new songs from the pen of John and co-writes from uk music legend Nicky Brown. The album. Joining John and IDMC will be Great friends, Noel Robinson, Bazil Meade and a special LCGC reunion choir, Patric George and the Up Mass gospel choir, Lurine Cato, Volley Morgan & New Ye, Reapers Choir, Dawn Thomas, Watchman, Clif & Marie, Tose and much more, and also special guest gospel choir from Norway Jardar Johansen & The Gospel Company all coming down to celebrate one of the UK’s legendary artists 50th birthday. The night will be a special celebration of the best of UK gospel music, A MUST FOR ALL GOSPEL MUSIC LOVERS Doors Open: 5:15pm Show time: 6:00pm Free Entrance, (Bring an Offering and be ready to buy an album)   Brixton Flyer 2016    


John and the IDMC massive delivers it’s 9th album project called

“WALK WITH ME” Live & Phaat Vol.3

This album recorded at the world-famous Jazz Cafe, London, is a collection of songs written by john and co-writes from UK Legends such as Nicky Brown, Danny Thomas and John Campbell.

The night of the recording was a total jam. The Jazz Cafe was packed and rocked to John & IDMC’s delivery of funky contemporary gospel music, with messages of God’s Love, Hope, Joy & Peace.

cover idea4A

With powerful funky tracks such as “I worship You, Jesus Came to Love us, I Press, and Victorious”, and soulful ballads such as “In Your Presence, Still Small voice and Love Lifted Me, you’re going to love playing this album LOUD!!

The title track, “Walk With Me” co written by UK legend Nicky Brown, was first written over 20 years ago, for a project John was involved in. The chorus has stayed with John for all this time. John always wanted to record it, Spending time re-writing the verses and the song structure and now we have a song that will bring into the presence of almighty God and encourage you to Walk With God!

The Album also features a song from long time member and right hand man Courtney Hoilett called “Save Me” which he previously released, and has been remastered and added to this project.

A studio version of and beautiful ballad called “Cry’ is also on the playlist as is a classic from IDMC “Only Jesus” remastered for this project

Watch out for the remix of “Jesus Came To Love Us” with a Marvin Gaye spin on it.

Sit back and get ready to enjoy 80 minutes of life changing music.

cover idea2

Track List

I worship You


In You Presence

Don’t Lose Your Song

I Press

Trying Times

Still Small Voice

Love Lifted Me

I Press

Walk With Me

Jesus Came to Love Us

Save Me


Only Jesus

Jesus Came to Love us (Remix)

A Gospel Christmas ft John Fisher & IDMC

This is the “BIG END OF YEAR GOSPEL MUSIC SPECTACULAR” put on by John Fisher and the IDMC GOSPEL CHOIR…..

This event is a double celebration, with John, IDMC and special guest welcoming in the Christmas season with the best in Gospel, Inspirational and Christmas songs, with special readings from community leaders as well as performances from the We Sing U Sing 100 voice children’s choir, dancers and other special guests… Along with this celebration is the release of IDMC’s 14th recording project “Don’t Lose Your Song” A double album project that celebrates IDMC 18 years in the business, featuring brand new songs, tracks from previous projects as well as IDMC’s first live European project, recorded at Spring Harvest, France. The venue for this Gala concert is Fairfields halls, home to all of John’s major productions and a full house of 1500 gospel music fans will be treated to a feast of Gospel music all given the John fisher touch, which has earned him the title of one of London’s “Gospel Soul Brothers” Tickets for this event starts from as little as £8:50 upwards, with family and group discounted tickets all on offer allowing everyone to enjoy this momentous occasion. Tickets go on sale Sunday 11th November, so put that ticket money aside…   Be one of the first people in Europe to get your hands on IDMC’s latest project, and add it to your collection of good music, which we know you will enjoy. The double album will have over 20 master pieces on it, which will have you singing, dancing and reaching for the volume control to turn up…. The project will be released on all of the major digital distribution formats on Friday 14th December, the perfect Christmas present for friends and family. Listen out for the Title track of this project “Don’t Lose Your Song” as it will be released on Sunday 11th November for digital down load, and played on rotation on all local and national gospel music loving stations.   For 18 years IDMC have wowed audiences all over the world, with their rich brand of Gospel and inspirational music. This event is a must for IDMC friends, family and fans. Help John & the choir end a fantastic 18th year of music  

IDMC @ Afrikids 10th anniversary Dinner

  Thursday 20th September saw Gospel come to the Natural History Museum, helping the Afrikids organisation, lift the spirits of all who attended to raise funds for the charity & celebrate its 10th anniversary. John Brought down a 16 piece IDMC unit to the Natural History Museum, where after the general public had left, the building was transformed into an amazing and elegant setting for a dinner party to the highest quality… IDMC were asked to prepare and perform the Lion King Classic “Circle of Life” as part of a presentation with a video in the background, and then a full 30 minute set. It was a beautiful night in amazing surroundings, and we were really privileged to be a part of a great night.

IDMC & London Fashion week ft. Philip Treacy

  Saturday 8th September, John got a call from long-time friend Joe Pitt, inviting IDMC on a session for a top fashion designer at the London Fashion Week. John thought it sounds like a nice gig. The following Tuesday, when John woke up he never thought I would be meeting the Legend that is Philip Treacy, and then also meet another Big Legend, Michael Bush, the designer and creator of all of late Michael Jacksons stage clothes, and then to be in the same room with all his outfits.. What a Tuesday…   So Sunday 15th IDMC performed at the Royal courts of Justice in the strand. The venue which is normally a massive corridor was transformed into a fashion catwalk full of celebrities. The show was opened by Lady Gaga, and the show showcased models wearing Michael Jackson’s outfits with extra- ordinary head gear from the Philip Treacy. In the audience were invited celebrities, Bryan Ferry, and good fried of Philip, Grace Jones. IDMC closed the show with a 19 voice choir all robed for the occasion, singing “Will you be there” while the models took to the stage one more time, and the introduction of the legendary designer. Well done IDMC

IDMC @ the Rye International Jazz Festival

IDMC @ the Rye International Jazz Festival Bank Holiday Sunday in August saw IDMC travel with the full production to the West Sussex picturess town on Rye, for the first every Rye International Jazz festival. The day was lovely and the setting very pictures’, as IDMC performed in St. Marks Church right in the centre of the town. Over 500 people packed into this lovely building to hear one of the UK’s finest lift the roof with timeless classics, modern inspirational songs and IDMC original compositions. After a 90 minute set, with the audience sitting enjoying the mellow sounds and also standing, clapping and singing along with the choir, we said good-bye to a lovely experience and a great music festival… IDMC are looking forward to traveling back to Rye next year.

IDMC Sainsbury’s tour

To help celebrate Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee, J. Sainsbury’s had a massive UK promotion of an event it was having at Clapham Common in July and help launch various promotions all tied into the Queens Jubilee, and enlisted IDMC to help highlight this special time in the U’s history. A small 6 piece choir toured the UK bringing joy to shoppers in over 20 Sainsbury’s superstores around the country as well as at their head offices in Derby and London. Idmc sang as shoppers walked past, some smiling, some stopping to take pictures, and we even had staff join the choir in a few store. The team had a brilliant time, tiring but brilliant. We are grateful to our agents and Sainsbury’s for looking after us so well.