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IDMC Gospel Soul Choir


Bridge Community Church Leeds

IDMC we invited in 2019 to headline a concert at the Bridge Community Church in leeds after members of the pastorial team saw John and the choir in action at Leeds university early in 2019. Two years on, the choir find themselves traveling up the A1 in the midst of a fuel crisis joining people struggling to get fuel, passing all the service stations with their “No Fuel” signs.The team made it to the amazing church complex in the heart of Leeds town centre to a warm welcome from the ministry and production team.

The team joined the many struggling to get fuel

After a good sound check, and meal, the venue started filling up nicely. We were told that our event would be the first event back after the lock down, and they were not sure if they would get a large amount of people… well it was a full house and the atmosphere was one of expectancy of a good night. After a few gigs in weeks previous the choir were getting back into stride, with John working the singers band and of course the audience. If they came to sit down and watch they were mistaken, and to be honest, I don’t actually think they wanted to, by the way they responded so quickly to sing along, dance and have a good time.

After a nights sleep, the choir were back in the morning to lead worship and the service which turned into a Pentecostal stayed service in a charismatic church. The church was packed with 65% of the audience who were at the concert the night before knowing what to expect and going with the flow, and the remaining congregation actually in shock, but loving every moment of the experience. With powerful testimonies from the choir members and truly inspirational gospel message from their veteran tenor vocalist Courtney, IDMC are the whole package.

See you next year BCC.