IDMC Easter Tour 2012

So here we are, with the build-up to IDMC’s Easter tour covering the South West of England. John and IDMC will start the first leg of 9 dates for this years anniversary tour. “It has been a blast, performing and singing with IDMC for so many years, and to know that churches, and promoters still want us, it is a blessing, said founder and director John Fisher. With the choir ever growing, with new members coming in, the team are embarking on a full year of events, covering the UK, some of the Isles as well as numerous trips to Europe, along with releasing a new project in July. It is going to be a great 2012 for John Fisher & IDMC   John and the choir head out on Saturday 7th April to Yeovil to perform at the Elim Pentecostal Church. This will be an evening of high praise, head nodding grooves and full on crowd participation.  London based Gospel choirs are rare in this part of England, so you can understand the excitement of the community with IDMC coming to town IDMC promises to have a song for everyone to enjoy, taking the audience on an inspirational gospel music journey.   An overnight stay in the beautiful south west and then it is a short journey up to Spring Harvest Minehead where IDMC are booked for the late night concert on Sunday 8th. Spring Harvest has been a long established Christian event, which sees 1000’s of worshippers gather in fellowship and worship over this special time of the year. This being Resurrection Sunday IDMC guarantee’s high praises and a time of celebration for all the worshippers at this event, going into the early hours…   After a good night’s sleep and some Eggs and Bacon on toast with beans, the crew will head down to NTCG Gloucester, home to good friend Bishop Fullwood. After 2 nights of full on gospel music IDMC will be well warmed up for a bank holiday gala concert on Monday 9th. Churches from around the district and surrounding areas are all heading for this Bank holiday special event with supporting artist. Get there early folks as it will be a Road Block…   The choir heads up to Skegness on Tuesday 10th  for the second Spring Harvest engagement, where again John and the choir headline the late night concert celebration. With a few private engagements in between, the choir will head out one more time on Friday 13th not to be put off by the date, but to continue to share God’s love through song, back in Minehead for their last visit to Spring harvest, performing later in the evening… Gonna be a fantastic few days of music for all involved. If you’re in the area and want to come down, check our events page for more details..

IDMC Live @ NTCG C.O.P Woodgreen

Well, John and the South London IDMC Crew showed their passports at London Bridge, and headed North, while Rhoda Morson and Chloe came in from the West and Nathan from the East and we all converged on NTCG Cathedral Of Praise, Woodgreen for their monthly Praise night. Numbers wise at the start was quiet but as the sun went down the numbers swelled to make a good-sized attendance. Sound checks went well with the IDMC team working things out, and the band settling in, a few hitches but nothing Howard the house engineer and former engineer for IDMC couldn’t handle The evening opened with the resident praise team lead be sis Brenda Emmanuel handling things, and they were really good, creating a great atmosphere. With the praise team, Albert Brown and Sister Angie creating and setting a Caribbean feel to the whole night, i have to admit, i was struggling with what we were going to present. It was made even worse in a good way when, in the midst of Sis. Angie’s set, see went into an old school Jamaican gospel medley, which had the old mothers kicking off their shoes and doing a gospel reggae train around the building. It was brilliant to see, but gave me things to ponder, but you know i got the booking a month before and God gave me the set list 2 days after, so we stuck to the script. IDMC took to the stage with Maulin, Shirley & Chloe in Soprano, Rhoda Morson and Jo in Alto and Courtney and Nathan in the tenor section, and didn’t they do well. Big props to Jo Bega, who had to learn the alto parts to some of the songs in sound check. Our song set included, Welcome in this place (Power praise classic), Sacrifice of Praise (IDMC original) This is my desire (Hillsong) as a foundation to the set, laying a warm rug for God to be relaxed as the church erupted in worship. This led to IDMC’s version of “It is to you” the Duke Kerr/ Remmission classic worship song, but with a dose of Red Bull. The vibe was great with the audience responding and getting their praise on. The set was completed with 2 more John Fisher originals, “Cry” which was masterfully delivered by long time member Rhoda.. and “Don’t lose your song” which is going to be a massive 2012 song for the choir. With a brand new band led by John’s first son Andre and including Enoch & Matt Smith on Keys, Aaron Forbes on Guitar and second son Dayna on bass, the guys provided the right vibe behind the choir. I understand that Matt had a bit of a struggle with the Hammond organ that stopped working, and Aaron broke a string, well guys, i didn’t notice, and the shows me that you manz have got skills. The choir was well received, and were well looked after. IDMC look like having a ball this year as they cook up a menu of mouth-watering performances around the UK, make sure you reach one of our shows and feast on some musical delights this year   Big Love Always.. Jofish…