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This track was specially written and release to help people realise that in the year 2020 where all of our lives have been turned upside down, we can still find reasons too have joy, to dance and have hope for a better outcome to our personal situations

This is John and IDMC’s first venture into trying to release a classical gospel sounding track. Inspired by co-writer and producer “Noval Smith” this song takes you on a journey, where you as the listener can believe in a brighter future.

My change has come is a celebration of Johns heritage as a 1 generation Jamaican son. IDMC with the vocal support of “The Voice” finalist Wayne Ellington deliver an inspirational message through the song that through hard work, determination and faith you can see a change in your life

This is IDMC’s 3rd fully live album recorded on their first visit to the award winning Hideaway Jazz club. We 8 of the 13 tracks being original songs written by John, you get to hear the quality of the choirs deliver sharing their infectious uplifting messages of love, hope Joy and Peace.

IDMC’s long awaited follow up live project was recorded at the world famous Jazz Café London, it is another fantastic compilation of previous studio albums performed for a vibrant London audience. With a massive band including horn section as well as the full vocal compliment, get ready for fire with a capital ‘F’!

A beautiful seasonal production from John and IDMC celebrating everything that is good about the Christmas season. With traditional carols and also original song written especially for the season, you will feel like Christmas every time you play this album.

This album is a combination of studio tracks and live songs recorded in the south of France. The album is John and IDMC’s praise and worship feel in an album. The sound is fresh with the choir doing reworks to some very popular worship classics.

Soul Food is IDMC’s second full studio album project. This project has a warm soulful sound with the John writing 9 originals and the cover songs arranged with a gospel soul feel. Ever song is food for the soul as well as for the heart.

IDMC celebrated 13 years and the fact that they are the only UK gospel choir with a compilation album of their own work. The feeling of achievement at the delivery of this project is awesome, and we promise to continue.

IDMC’S Second full live album project which featured a mass choir, 6 piece band with additional horn section, as well as strings and UK ‘A’ list gospel artists to boot, such as Noel Robinson, Green Jade, Nathan Prime, as well as great vocals from the from a young choir happy to please the sell out audience.