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IDMC@The Olympics

IDMC were given the chance to Host its own open air concert at the Scoop, down by City Hall, in August as the Olympics came to town. It was a beautiful day, as 1000’s of people walked around London, and came and relaxed to the sounds of inspirational gospel music on the banks of the […]

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IDMC@ We Sing U Sing Summer song Music festival

For the 5th year John and IDMC have hosted the spectacular Summer Song Gospel music Festival, held at the Fair field’s halls Croydon. This evening showcases the talents of children and young people from in and around the Croydon and south London Area. This year the event saw John and IDMC joined by a 600 […]

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IDMC Easter Tour 2012

IDMC Easter Tour 2012 IDMC set out on its first Easter season tour in a long while, with 7 dates over 10 days. The group which was made up of 8 singers and a 4 piece band travelled to Yeovil, Mine head, Gloucester, London, Skegness, Chatham and back to Mine head, covering over 1500 miles. […]

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