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Matt Goss Showcase

Matt Goss IDMCIDMC was requested to back 80’s UK superstar Matt Goss from the group Bros in his UK showcase of his newly recorded album. This was a one day rehearsal one day gig nothing out of the ordinary until members of the 12 piece unit arrived at the rehearsal room. The first surprise was, this was not a rehash of 80 pop songs, there was a full live band with a big band brass ensemble and included Alex Al bass player with Michael Jackson and Kirk Franklin that sounded absolutely amazing. Next surprise was the band leader was one of the most powerful men in the music business world Ron Fair directly involved with in an A&R capacity or responsible for acts from Queen Latifah, Black Eyes Peas, Mary J Blige all the way to Christina Aguilera.

Rehearsal went very well learning 3 songs including a bebop version of his 80’s hit “When will I be famous” which lyrically rings so true in today’s reality TV world, “Hotel California” from The Eagles and a new song called “Strong” which had a nice positive message.

Gig day came with the choir decked out in white shirts and black ties (yes the ladies too). The Cafe De Paris was packed to the rafters with fans and press, with some fans getting a little irate with the lack of space but the show began without a hitch.

After Matt’s wedding song “I Do” the choir took its place and in the words of certain members of the media took the show to another level.