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IDMC @ NTCG National Convention

After 18 years of being on the road singing, touring and ministering to 1000’s of people, IDMC returned to its birth place, New Testament Church of God, to take part in  its  59th annual national convention, as guest artistes on the main day Sunday both in the daytime and evening services.


“It was a great privilege to bring my choir back home” says John “I was honoured at the invitation, but also proper nervous as I brought my choir back home”

It was a lovely experience, enjoyed by the choir.  The truth is only 3 members were from the original IDMC, so everyone else just saw it as another opportunity to minister at a major event, but they understood it meant a lot to John… Bless you NTCG for the many prayers sent up on our behalf.

I hope it won’t be another 18 years before we are able to come back home.