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Christian Cultural Festival Lodz Poland. Sunday 17th November 2013

Another early start for my dedicated choir as we all meet at Luton Airport from various parts of London for 6:00am, sleep is DEFINITELY still in everyone’s eyes.

The logistics of moving 17 people around Europe is a daunting prospect at the best of time and is made even harder when flying and flying by Wizzair, but after boarding card issues everyone is checked- in and after a long ting at security we have made it onto the plane.

We fly in to Warsaw Choplin for 11:30am and after being met by our chaperone for the festival Agata we pack our cases onto the bus and travel another hour and a half to the City of Lodz.

Being a Sunday in the Country the City is very quiet. The streets are empty and there are few cars on the road.

We have lunch at a lovely church, which is the headquarters of the festival and enjoy of dishes unique to this area of Poland.

The great thing about this trip is that everything is 5 mins walking distance so getting to our hotel was easy..

The bad thing about the trip is the quality of the hotel…..

IT IS A RAGE !!!!!!!!

5 star Hilton Hotel opened only 3 months earlier.. all the mod-cons, jacuzzi, sauna, pool, gym, Samsung 32″ LED screens in every room, great features and lovely staff, and the beds “OH THE BEDS!!!

So right now you’re wondering “what is John talking about?

Well here it is, we checked in at 3.00pm, we had to leave for sound check rehearsals at 6;45pm and never came back till 11:30 pm only to leave again at 2:30am to get an early flight home…. We were not happy.. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I DO A GIG WITH THIS KIND OF SCHEDULE-!!!!!!lol


So to the gig. The venue is one of the oldest churches in the City and the decor and splendour of the building is fantastic.

But it’s one of those problem buildings that are full of Mabel and high ceilings absolutely terrible for gospel choirs with a funky band.

The production crew were finishing off their setups which gave us a chance to go back stage and warm up and go through some of the songs as it was new. Tenor voice, Anthony Brathwaite’s first show with us the sound system setup is great, and as we check, their team cater for us well.

The choir looks fabulous in a dressy black & purple flavour but all with their individual touches to their own look.

Once the checks are over the doors are opened and every corner of the building is full with bodies.

The choir walks on stage to a rapturous applause, you see tickets for this show became available 3 weeks ago and were all gone within 1 hour, these Polish fans were ready for this show.

The choir launched into acapella of “No hated in Christ” the Andre Crouch Classic, followed by IDMC’s worship anthem “In your Presence”

Throughout the evening the songs are received really well with the band and singers blending to give a quality performance.

Getting the Polish people to interact and become part of the show was easy as they were already in the mood to sing, so getting them to dance and do the African shuffle in God is good, singing on this little light and even doing the full actions to swing low was great. The audience were even up for a male verses female challenge on lovely day.. (the men won…lol)

This was our second trip to Poland this year and we were told by friends and our agent that was at the first gig, this show was even better than our first in May which is so positive and shows the development of the choir.

That’s our European trips over for this year, as it’s all about the Christmas build up now being an absolute blast.. Look out for our 20×20 tour 2014 celebrating IDMC’s 20th Anniversary . 20 countries x 20 cities….