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Well the second half started the way the first half ended… The audience still on a high, joining John and the band as they lead in a full forced Motown version of two of the biggest worship songs out right now, “Everlasting God” & “Beautiful one” with ” Go tell it on the Mountain” squeezed in the middle.

The atmosphere was relaxed as one of the smoothest UK gospel singers Paul Lee took the stage. His vocal tone was as smooth as silk and the audience really appreciated it. A lady sitting behind me and Lorraine said to her friend, “where did they find this guy, I’ve never heard of him, but man he is the real deal!!!

I looked at Lorraine and smiled…, you know the kind of look that says, “only quality here yuh nuh!!!, Christian Aid Chief Executive gave a heart felt presentation followed by a fantastic tribute to the Late Nelson Mandela who died only days before the show..

The show must go on and Town Hall gospel choir returned to the stage, and for the 3rd time wowed all of us with a brilliant performance. Truly the 130 miles traveled by the choir was well worth it, and as Choir Director Colin announced that this was the first live show since winning the competition, the venue erupted with cheers as we all felt that by the measure of their performance that night, they were definitely  worthy winners.

The temperature was rising again as Lurine Cato and IDMC joined forces to perform one of my favourite carols “Oh holy night”. WELL, who told them to do that, by the time they both got half way through the song everyone in the house was on their feet… Then came the outro.. IT WAS CURTAINS!!! As Lurine went subsonic, and hit her fifth octave, and IDMC held out the top C# major… For 30 seconds. They both had to wait for the audience to stop cheering to finish the song.. OH GLORAAAAAY!!!!

If that wasn’t enough, then came, Jahmene Douglas. With a healthy fan club sitting in the second and third rows, the whole house was ready for the Jahmene, IDMC Mobo collaboration, as they performed the Emellie Sante’s “Next to Me”, my Boy Jahmene is little bit, but don’t let that fool you, he has a set of lungs on him, and went subsonic too!!! WOW WEE!!!!

The performance elf this pop classic changed its emphasis as the song in thesis context had a spiritual tone, as the choir and Jahmene brought the message that Jesus is always next to me… The finale for the night brought all the cast from the show together to sing Handel’s Messiah Hallelujah chorus, as well as a full on funky house version of Hosanna.This was an absolutely brilliant day/evening, the production ran on time, and featured the A list of UK gospel talent. The Back room staff and support from Christian Aid was amazing, We can’t wait to do it all again!!!!