t f m y r


So our set up is going well, and the sound team have the front of house sound playing nicely, OHTV’s producer Vidal and his assistant have arrived and are doing a walk round before their cameras and production arrive… It’s 11:30am, 30 mins before we shut down for the piano concert, then problem 1 arrives. The unit that controls the in ear monitors has gone down, and won’t respond, Rob who is the sound design and Luke his assistant start looking at each other, for a short time, there is a panic, but I’m loving Rob cause nothing is too hard and as he say’s “John mate…. NO STRESS. I’m getting on to the company right now, and they are going to deliver a brand new unit within the next 2 hours.. just in time for when we resume the setting up.. LORD YOU’RE GOOD… But then, I’m looking at the band, and they’re seething up, and a I call to Andre, “son where’s Ace.. “he’s had a puncture on the motor way….!!!!!!WHAAAAT,,,,!!!!! What time is now due… 3:00pm WHAAATAATA!!!, you know what no stress let’s get on.

The set up continues, and we make our 12 noon deadline, and make way for the venue to prepare for their concert. I meet with my right hand support Lorraine and Mark from Christian Aid, my Md Andre and the sound team, and we work through the show and the formats, while the rest of them around us clap their jaws with McDonalds and slug ungracefully fizzy tangos and cokes.

The afternoon setup after the concert is a breeze and the lighting team set to work. OHTV are in the house and the production is on. The Christian Aid team are working the foyer for tickets and setting up the merchandise, the band are line checking, and  a smile comes across my face, cause I’ve just had a text from my good friend Ms Moses head of one of the schools I work at..” Mr fisher, may the sun shine upon you as you use your talents to shine and bring light to others.. Have a great day, me and all the staff at Albemarle are coming down looking forward to a great night of Christmas gospel cheer…..