t f m y r


It’s 6:00am, 13 December and so it’s production day, and as usually my belly is giving me a hard time… I don’t know why, cause we’ve planned well.. But hey, that’s how my system works, a dose of nervous energy never hurt anyone.

Last night’s production rehearsal went so well, everyone is so ready to do their best for the audience that will be on its way in 12 hours.

The load in at the venue is at 8:00 am, and I don’t have the luxury of a 10 minute drive to the FairFields Halls Croydon, right on my manner, but a long trek to Oxford circus in the heart of the west end, so everything is packed, and boy is first ladies little ride packed to the brim. Time to double, double check, cause when I’ve gone, I’M GONE FOR THE DAY.

The drive down town is nice, no stress, no rushing, everything is on time, and so I’m reflecting and putting the day into perspective, the time challenges, the size of the production, the choir coming down from Birmingham, how does that intro go again, lol, my head is a buzz, but I laugh to myself and then give thanks for just being able to do what I love, Serve God through my gifting.

I arrive at the Salvation Army halls, the back line truck has just delivered, the crew is on time, the P.A & lighting truck is just parking up, I knew it was gonna be a great production set up.

Everyone was in great spirits, we loaded in and all the gear was in the building by 9:00am, you see we had a bit of a set up challenge as the venue had a lunch time piano concert, so we had to have the gear all in, put in position, wired up, and have front of house sound all by 12:00noon… The pressure was on. Everything was going well but we hit on not 1 but 2 major snags that threatened to undo all of our military timed plans