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Spring Harvest Online Conert

Spring Harvest Easter Special

John & IDMC’s second lockdown full live concert for transmission across the airways was for the Christian organisation Spring Harvest. IDMC have been associated with spring harvest for the past 10 years, doing concerts in Minehead as well as working with them over many years at the summer resort in France, LPO.

This time there were no journeys past Stonehenge, on the A305, there were no big worship audiences in the big top, or the always lively audience eagerly anticipating the late night show, but a small concert venue with loads of cameras, lights and the director shouting action when the team was ready to go live. John had prepared a song set from IDMC’s vast repertoire of songs to tell the Easter story, but giving the event the IDMC vibe.

This year, no journey past Stonehenge and no summer resort in France

With well-known songs such as “Lord I lift your name on High” and the Pentecostal classic “He Arose“,  John added a host of IDMC songs that had been released on previous albums that helped tell the story of Jesus’ love and sacrifice over this very sacred season.

The show was put together like a musical with john doing the narration through out with scriptures recited by the choir as well as a mini easter sermon given by Courtney, just prior to a classical overture written especially for the event by John.

This gig was a special for the exclusive spring harvest audience, who wrote continuously on the news feed throughout the concert, sharing how blessed they were to be able to enjoy a full on gospel concert, and some saying they felt like they we actually there, this showed why IDMC are in a class of their own.