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IDMC Gospel Soul Choir

John & IDMC Hit the road

Saturday morning 7th April and the IDMC crew are all packed and ready to move.

We had a productive preparation period, and feel ready to be a blessing.

Going to church on Good Friday was such an inspiration, and John had the privilege to lead worship, and received a powerful word which was great preparation for the concerts ahead.


The tour team are all part of the senior IDMC crew, and so will create a great musical backdrop to the Easter season.

The tour party are soprano’s : Maulin fisher, Nicole miller, Audriee Mensar, Altos: Rhoda Fisher, Yasmin Knox and tenors: Courtney Hoilett & Nathan Lewis. We also have some ex- members and good friends joining us Lawrence Rowe and Shante Fuller, with Andre Fisher on Drums and sequencers, Dayna Fisher on bass guitar and Mathew Smith on second Keys.

We are all excited and nervous all at the same time, but are praying God hands on our lives as we commit this week to him.

Let the fun begin and the music Live… IDMC 2012 HERE WE GO!!!