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IDMC Gospel Soul Choir


February 26th 2012 saw IDMC mark it’s 18th Anniversary, and now John is preparing to take the group out on the road, around the country for a series of concerts, workshops and live praise session in churches, festivals and concert halls throughout the UK and Europe

With a new line up of singers who have been together for just over 18 months, they have worked hard to build the IDMC sound that John has worked to develop for the past 18 years.

With a full calendar ahead for the Spring and Summer, and more dates coming on-line every week, John & IDMC plan to be in a town, city, concert hall, festival or church near you, some time in 2012..

John is always looking for singers to join the choir, you only have to be able to sing confidently, be a practising Christian and be able to commit to the choir, the rest we play by ear..lol

If you want to book IDMC this year to come to your area for a workshop / concert, don’t hesitate. There is still space in the diary.

Let us bring the vibrancy and the inspiration of a full “PROPER” Gospel choir to your area and experience the heavenly sounds.


Dates will be published soon.!